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Float for $49

Save $25 per float

Curious about floating and the benefits? Give our Wellness Club a try and see for yourself!


  • No Fees

  • No Contracts (ask you to stay 3 months)

  • Floats Rollover (expire in 3 years)

  • Shareable with others

  • Free Birthday Float

  • Additional floats only $49

  • Save $25 on other services

  • Free services (every 6 mo. active in club)

Hours of Operation

Mon, Wed, Fri  10am-8pm
Tue, Thu, Sat  10am-6pm

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All Sessions 20 Minutes

 Single Session - $35

 Bring guest with you - $50

 Single Series Pricing

 Series of 3 - $89 ($16 Savings)

 Series of 6 - $169 ($41 savings)

 Series of 12 - $299 ($121 Savings)


 You + Guest Series Pricing

 Series of 3 - $129 ($21 Savings)

 Series of 6 - $239 ($61 savings)

 Series of 12 - $429 ($171 Savings)

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turn off your mind, relax & do more nothing...

by appointment only

We are currently redesigning our website and hope to have it accomplished by the end of July.  This will site will still function and have live links.  However, the site is not yet reflecting THE VITALITY BOOTH and that is driving the redesign.  We hope to have the booth operational by Mid July, clicking on book a float will also reveal the Vitality booth when it becomes available to the public.  You can also find updates on our FB & IG pages @glowspanow. We are excited to bring this service to Charleston and can't wait to get it started. 

Swedish Massage
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Our Goal

Is to focus on improving your physical and mental well-being by providing unique and affordable services, delivered by a professional and caring staff and to ensure that you leave feeling relaxed and comfortable.


What is Float Therapy?

Floating in a flotation tank, also known as float therapy, is the one of the most effective means of stress relief and relaxation you can ever experience.  You will strip down to your birthday suit and enter an enclosed in a large bathtub-like structure filled with 10 inches of water, kept at ~93.5 degrees with ~1,100 pounds of Epsom salt. Air flows into the room and there are no latches or anything that will prevent you from getting out at anytime.  Once you lay down your body will float effortlessly in the water, we promise no extra effort is required! 

Want to learn more about the history of floating, why it works? etc   Click here

** Special notice for those with "FASHION COLORS " (Pink, Blue, Purple, Greens etc) OR HENNA in your hair.  Please do not book a float!!! If you come in we will deny access to the tanks due to the color leaching into the water!  Other professional Dyes are typically ok after you've shampooed and there is no color coming out on towels or in the shower. (usually 2 weeks after coloring) CLICK HERE FOR FAQ's on floating!


About our Float Tanks


We have 2 float rooms (or cabins) They are 8'x8'x4' very spacious and plenty of room to stretch out.

You are in complete control of the experience the entire time.  The door is necessary to keep the

temperature comfortable, you control the light and if you are not ready to float in the dark leave it on.

We typically run with 10.5" of water and 1100lbs of Epsom Salt.  The tank temps are regulated to be as close to skin temperature as possible (we cannot adjust the temperature up or down between floats) It is also not recommended to float with your head in water temps above 95 degrees.  Floating is a subjective experience and no two floats will be exactly the same. However the results are typically very consistent.


All Floats Must Be Pre Purchased or Secured W/GIFT CARD to Reserve A Tank

We prefer that everyone use our BOOK A FLOAT LINK to book your float appointments.  You can reserve both tanks if you are bringing a guest, just put their name and phone number in the notes and if its a surprise tell us!  By booking online it gives you access to our WAITLIST in case the times are booked that you want.  It also allows you to cancel yourself or rebook  your appointment if plans change.  We have a 6 hr cancellation window  (if appointments are cancelled inside 6 hrs you have an option to pay a late cancellation fee $30 and keep your floats.)

If you can't get the online booking tool to work for you, you can still create a profile and purchase your floats and call us to find a spot that works for you.  However please realize without purchased floats on your profile we will not HOLD Float tanks for you.  Everyone must prepay or have a valid Gift Card to reserve a tank.


Watch our video to see what to expect when you visit.


Massage Therapy & Spa Day Packages

(These services cannot be booked online & we do not offer Couples Massages)

We only have 1 massage room to so we cannot manage two massages at the same time.  We can manage two spa day packages by alternating services with the the clients coming in together. 


We offer a variety of styles and choices in massage therapy to create your healing massage experience. Our massage therapists (Megan & Jessica) are very experienced and will help you enjoy the various benefits of massage such as: pain relief, joint flexibility, reduced depression and anxiety, improved sleep quality, increased energy, better circulation, reduced fatigue, enhanced immunity, and more. We also recommend advanced booking as last minute appointments are very difficult to get, please plan ahead to get the time that works best for you.

  Read about our service offerings 


                  Know what you want


 Questions or Want to book a Spa Day Package 

Group Pricing
We can accommodate small groups and parties and we usually provide discounts for parties over 3.  Please note we are a small family owned business and not a corporate spa.  We only have 2 float rooms and 1 massage room & 1 Vitality Booth so to get groups through we typically have to split groups up  to make the day work and it all depends on the services being requested.   We have closed the spa for private events before so please use our request form include number of guests and desired services so we can have a good kickoff to the planning.   

  We do offer discounts to military/veterans, students &1st responders who show valid IDs at spa

Just go ahead and pay full price to get your service or float online and then, when you come in show us your ID and we will refund your card, apply that extra paid towards a tip, or put a credit on your profile for a future in store credit.  Once you show your ID, all future purchases including gift cards can be purchased online at the new lower rate. 

  All Services Must Be Pre Purchased or Secured W/GIFT CARD to Reserve a time

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