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Who Benifits From Floating?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

There is no such thing as a stereotypical float tank user. Our customers range from 16 to 80 years old, and come from a wide range of social and professional backgrounds.

We believe everyone should float 3-4 times before they reach a conclusion on floating and its efficacy for them. There are many new experiences going on during your first float both mentally and physically, coupled with the excitement and things you may have heard or seen in videos about floating. Your experience will be unique to you and you alone.

Clients use floating for many different purposes, including relaxation, getting rid of stress, pain relief, and aiding recovering from injury. As a result, we are particularly popular with athletes, stressed employees, expecting mothers, and clients who suffer from chronic pain.

Athletes from various fields (but particularly runners) use the tanks to get the most out of their training routines or to speed up recovery from injuries. In fact, many professional teams and Olympic athletes use the float tank as an integral part of its athletes' training regimes. The rate of recovery after physical exercise is improved and what normally takes a long period of time - usually days for recovery from a marathon - the tank compresses into a number of hours.

Soaking in the Magnesium rich water also speeds up recovery from injuries by relieving the stresses of gravity, strained bones, joints and muscles, and increases the efficiency of the blood circulating through the body. Recovery time after injury can also be much improved.

Pregnant women get enormous relief from the soothing water and the complete support that it offers. It's a wonderful haven to escape to! Floating is very comfortable in all stages of pregnancy, thanks to the way it alleviates the stresses both mentally and where the body is changing. However, we recommend that all pregnant moms should consult with their doctors if they have any concerns about floating. Moms rarely get a moment to collect their thoughts or care for their themselves, floating is a perfect relaxation tool.

Floating also causes the body to release endorphin's (the body's own painkiller) and, in particular, beta-endorphin's. These are more powerful than many prescription drugs. Sufferers of migraine, back pain, arthritis, and other ailments can find relief from regular flotation. There is also evidence that floating lowers blood pressure and heartbeat rate, and can minimize the risk of heart attacks and strokes. We also had several customers suffering from concussions say they felt enormous benefits after floating.

Other stress-relief and chronic pain alternatives demand a high level of commitment and dedication for noticeable results and the effects are not instant and in fact it may be weeks or even months before any noticeable effect is achieved. Floating offers instant relief and requires no skills (other than the ability to lie still for an hour!), and has a high probability to eliminate or diminish your stress, leaving you with a clear mind to concentrate on the matter in hand.

Try a float $69 for 60 minutes and see how you feel. If after trying a float, you'd like to get more time in the tank, we give you 48 hrs to turn your purchase into our "Explorer Series" Where you can get 5 more 60 min floats for $130. That's a 52% discount for 6 floats! Some restrictions apply: No Sharing with others and these 5 floats will expire 8 weeks after purchase.

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