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Float Tanks


  60 min $ 69|$ 59*
  90 min $ 89|$ 79*
120 min $109|$ 99*
 180 min $129|$119*


  60 min $176|$155*
  90 min $227|$200*
120 min $278|$245*
180 min $329|$290*


  60 min $310|$277*
  90 min $400|$358*
120 min $490|$438*
180 min $580|$519*

* Represents discounted rate for Students/Military-Vets/First Responders with valid ID at CHECKOUT only!


6 hours of float time for $199 | $239~ 

 Option A: 6 - 60 min floats

 Option B: 4 - 90 min floats

 Option C: 3 - 60 min floats & 2 - 90 min floats

floats are non-sharable, expire in 8 weeks, no refunds, no additional discounts, no exceptions!
~ prices for additional explorer series purchased in the future

Body Services & Massage

** Please note we do not offer couples massages

*$10 off price for Students/Military-Vets/First Responders with valid ID at CHECKOUT only!


Body Polish: 60 min $79*

This organic moisturizing body polish features a gentle jasmine rice exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin cells and excess dirt without harming the skin. Oils nourish, calm and soothe the skin, imparting an all-over luminous glow.


Calm Mind Massage: 45 min $59

A 45 minute mini-massage for your shoulders, neck, and scalp, our therapists use relaxing techniques and acupressure points to relieve tension and help your mind unwind.


Signature Massage: 60 min $89* | 90 min $129*

Enjoy the soothing and intuitive touch of our highly trained spa therapists as you release mental and physical stress with this holistic whole body massage, includes our signature hot towel treatment. Deep tissue and other healing modalities available upon request at no additional charge.



Prenatal Massage: 60 min $89* | 90 min $129*

A comforting massage that is sure to relieve the everyday aches and pains of pregnancy. With the aid of maternity pillows specifically designed for the pregnant mommy true relaxation awaits, includes our signature hot towel treatment. 



Poultice Massage: 90 min $149*

The Samunprai herbal poultice massage is a deep heat medicinal muscle treatment that dates back to 14th century Thailand when a hot compress was administered to soldiers returning from battle. Ease your sore muscles into relaxation with a steamed organic poultice combined with Thai stretching. Then pressure is applied to specific sen meridians to increase the flow of energy in the body as well as soothe nervous tension and help relax cramped muscles.


All Spa Day Packages must be scheduled over the phone or via email.  Unfortunately our booking software is unable to manage the complexity of our various appointment options.

*$20 off price for Students/Military-Vets/First Responders with valid ID at CHECKOUT only!


Drift Package:


Our most popular spa package includes a 30 minute steam, a 60 minute float and our 60 minute signature massage. Drift away for 3 hours with our favorite spa rituals, ideal for first time floaters and seasoned spa goers alike, you'll walk in and float out.



Immerse Package:


30 minute steam, 90 minute float, and 60 minute signature massage.



Indulge Package:


30 minute steam, 60 minute float, and 90 minute signature massage.



Surrender Package:


30 minute steam, 90 minute float, and 90 minute signature massage.



Nurture Package:


The ultimate treat for the mommy to be, this package begins with 60 minutes of pure bliss as you float weightlessly in one of our spacious and comfortable float tanks, followed by a signature 90 minute prenatal massage designed to calm and center you while deepening your connection with baby. A warmed all organic scrub is hand applied to your growing belly to exfoliate and soften stretching skin, followed by a hot towel treatment and a massage with a rich and nourishing body cream. A nurturing experience that is sure to leave you sleeping like a baby.


Join Our Wellness Club

Pick your a club and once per month we'll add a discounted service to your account so you can enjoy routine wellness! Additional services each month at or below the club prices!


Do More Nothing...

How does the club work are there fees?

There are NO FEES to be in the club! Just decide which club you want to join and  each month 1 service will be added to your account at the monthly charge listed in the table above.

Is there a contract?

Not officially!  We do enroll you in a monthly auto payment plan that runs on the 3rd of each month. We ask you to stay on the plan for a minimum of 3 months.  This will auto renew until you ask us to pause or cancel.  * See perks below

Can I share these services?

YES!  You can share anytime with a friend or family member.

Do I have to come in every month?

While we encourage routine wellness visits and we know everyone gets busy!  Float Club floats won't expire for 3 years; Body Club services convert to a float credit if not used within 1 year of purchase.

How do the additional services work? 

These are the prices club members pay when they don't have prepaid services on their account.  This is also the price they pay if they bring a guest or if they want to try another spa service.  Feel free to combine club services to create your own spa day.  Add a steam to any service for $15. (Please call prior to ensure we can accommodate steams)

Additional perks

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