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—  Deon Fyall

“Definitely a life changing experience. The best Spa in Charleston.” 

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I was happy to learn that water in the floating tank was saturated with EPSOM salt. This type of salt is full of Magnesium - an essential mineral that removes muscle tension. Mine became definitely relaxed and my shoulder pain fade away. So, it's good not just for relaxation but also for treatment of muscle discomfort





Absolutely loved my first float! Can’t wait to come back soon! What a great experience. Thank you!


Melissa D.


My husband bought me the Indulge Package which included the steam room, a 90 Minute massage, and a float. I relaxed in the steam room then had the massage with Schrader which is one of the best massages I've had. The staff was professional and the spa was so calming and relaxing. I can't wait to go back for my float and I will definitely see Schrader again.


Ashley S.


I absolutely loved my massage. Every tense and stress spot Kelci found and worked her magic. I have had many massages in the past but this massage has been the most therapeutic I’ve had yet. The staff and owner were so helpful and friendly, they had such a positive energy. I will be back for sure!


Daiton Paladino


I’ve very skeptical of things like this. The idea of sense deprivation in a float tank was terrifying at first, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was very relaxing and something I will do time and time again. The spa was very friendly, and most importantly, very clean. 10/10 would recommend.




l loved floating! Everyone so friendly and nice. Very clean! Thank you for a great experience.


Anastasiya Hay


I loved floating. Amazing experience. So so relaxing...


Sheri F.


As usual, I was so relaxed after my float yesterday. I have been a regular at the glowspa since they opened. Floating is an escape from the hectic world. To take time to just be, be at peace in the quiet and just turn my mind off. Thank you so much glowspa for being my go-to place to unwind!


Jaime C.


I love floating. This establishment is clean. Staff is friendly and the benefits I receive are worth every penny


Derrick Kennington


I absolutely love coming to glowspa and doing the 60 minute float. I have been coming to glowspa consistently for 2 years. The experience gets better and better with each visit. The staff is amazing and very very helpful. Floating at glowspa in their large tanks has helped me physically with lower back pain and athletic performance as a professional fighter. It helps me visualize before fights and relax during tough fight camps that last for months. I'm happy I found glowspa !


Christine Rivers


I loved the experience. glowspa did a great job explaining the process so I felt comfortable. I took my teenage son who is a football player to get his body ready for the season. We will be back!


Linda Muccio


I loved my massage, I was truly relaxed afterwards. And my float as always was extremely enjoyable.


Nick B.


Wonderful, just a great experience. I can not wait to go back.




Awesome! Thank you so much :)




Best massage ever. I loved having the fassage. It is a great combination of the full massage and a wonderful facial. My entire body felt reenergized.


Elizabeth Nunn


I couldn't have been happier with their atmosphere, and especially their services. I had recently been ill and they contacted me to discuss details specific to my needs. They also got me in in very short notice and kept in touch with me regularly. Really went above and beyond. I'm extremely happy and will be returning again.




Floating has been a wonderful experience, not just for myself but for my son who suffers from anxiety and depression! We will both keep on floating!!


Janis St.Onge


What a great experience. Wonderful ambiance and the facial was soothing and effective. I highly recommend.


Jeff Golland


I've been on this planet a long time, but I know I have never experienced the degree of relaxation and calm that a float at glowspa provides. You can talk all you want about leisurely strolls along a secluded beach or peering out over valleys from a mountain top. Yes, they are wonderful, but they are inherently limited in the degree of relaxation they can provide. A float at glowspa will offer you the equivalent of a week's worth of good sleep, and all within an hour! Please try it! You will thank me later!




Float tank--------AWESOME!!! Could be the best "me" time ever, I'll definitely be back, Thank you.


Carol DeLuca


I love this place will be returning! Staff was great!! Had an amazing relaxing experience!!




I felt amazing. Can't put into words what the sensation of floating is like or how amazing you will feel post float. Friendly staff, comfortable and roomy float rooms. As a first time floater and spa patron, The team at glowspa answered all of our questions and were very welcoming. glowspa gets glowing reviews from me ;)


C. Crawford


I had my mother come in for the "Drift". She's in her 70's with age related concerns. She hasn't stopped raving about the experience since she's gotten home. She's told anyone who will listen about the signature massage and those hot towels. Not only has the experience rejuvenated her physically, she smiles about how the employees pampered her. I know I'll buy a series for her any myself.




Absolutely loved my float. Very clean environment, friendly staff and I felt like a new person when I left. My boyfriend and I will definitely be back.




glowspa isn't your ordinary spa, and it doesn't take long to realize that the people who work there and the owners genuinely care about their clients. This space is full of uplifting images, words, and energy! This is a community and what they offer really works! I walk in with a certain energetic feel and leave with an entirely different one. I can sense my biology and molecular structure changing from the energy exchange during massages (it's not just a massage -it's the energy of love!) and the healing experience of a float is indescribable. I feel like all of my senses are renewed when I leave. I'm able to take in more of the world with fresh eyes and a more spacious mind. When I'm able to release and let go, I'm spontaneously more receptive to bringing in more of what I want and love. So, thank you to all at glowspa, for allowing me to be a better version of myself!




I tried the float, and it was amazing. The staff explained the whole process in detail and I was very comfortable through the entire experience. I felt relaxed the ENTIRE day after my float...




The float tanks at glowspa are the best I've been in. The atmosphere in the spa and the facilities in general are tranquil and peaceful. It doesn't get better. Kelci did my massage and it was the best I've ever had.


Hope Steen


Likely my favorite Charleston Spa. The drift package relaxes you more than you could dream possible. I nearly fell asleep on the massage table numerous times and... that NEVER happens to me. Worth every penny and more!


Laurie Ann


The 90 minute massage with Kelci may be the BEST massage I have ever had!


Andrew B.


I really enjoyed my experience at glowspa and found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. I did a 60 and a 90 minute float session and was surprised at how relaxed and focused that I felt afterwards. I would recommend this for anyone dealing with a high stress load that wants to find a good holistic approach to reducing the negative health effects associated with stress. Overall, floating at glowspa was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be going back again soon!




Most relaxing thing I've ever done. Owners are very accommodating and friendly. Clean environment


S Eason


Wow across the board. Starting with the kind reception of the owner and his tour of the facilities to the super clean rooms and comfy robes ...and lastly to the amazing experience of the float! I cannot encourage people more to try it. Pure bliss and a feeling of relaxation that stays with you well past the spa. I will be a repeat for sure. And make sure you try Blend Juice Bar afterwards. It's a few doors down. Thank you glowspa!


Robin H


Floating relaxes me more than any other single thing, even more than massage. The facility and people at glowspa make my visits special. If you have never floated, DO, if you have, then do it at glowspa!


Jim Della Volpe


What a cool experience. I read about float tanks years ago and thought it might be good. Recently, I read about it in Time magazine. We were going to Charleston and whadda know they had one at the glowspa. My wife and I went there to check it out. Kelci gave us a tour and I booked a float and she booked a facial. Both of our experiences were over the top. Steve relieved my apprehension with a thorough demo. The experience was incredible for me. My wife loved her facial from Madison and the poultice treatment was great.




I booked the Indulge package and it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. I received the best massage ever from Kelci, some very relaxing time in the steam room and had my first ever float. 
I drove three hours to get to glowspa and it was well worth the trip. Everybody was very attentive and professional. It was a wonderful experience.


Nancy K.


My son and daughter-in-law gifted me with a massage at glowspa. As an event planner, I have had massages in spas all over the country. My hour with Kelci far exceeded any of the massages I have EVER had. I was able to quickly relax and my stress from an overloaded lifestyle melted away immediately. Her energy is positive, her personality is warm and welcoming and her technique is highly effective. The glowspa is a very welcoming and soothing environment. I am looking forward to my next visit.


Carl Nielson


90 Minute Massage with Kelci was fantastic! I was relaxed after 20 minutes and the rest really helped soothe my sore muscles. Kelci is great! Highly recommended.



Mary Price


I experienced my first float yesterday and totally enjoyed it. As a counselor, I know how important it is to manage stress and this is a terrific option. I felt so relaxed. The staff is great and answered all of my questions. The kind of place where you feel at home.


Karyla Gaines


Had my first float today and it was a truly remarkable experience. First, Steve and his staff were welcoming attending kindly to my needs. I have a tendency toward claustrophobia, but after Steve explained everything in detail, letting me know that I was in control of the experience, I felt more at ease and was able to enjoy the float. Afterwards, my aches and pains were gone, I was relaxed and able to sleep easily. Even several days later the affects continue. The atmosphere was soothing and impeccably clean. I will be making more appointments for myself as well as recommend this therapy to my patients as I have in the past.


Nancy Dykeman


I came for a massage because my husband had just come out of emergency surgery and I was so tense and worried. Steve took a look at me and said, "You need to float." I was so open to his suggestions to relax in the personal tank and I fell asleep a few times. In the darkness I healed and was able to let go of my fears. I recommend this to caregivers, especially. Take care of yourself first and you can manage other's care. Thank you, Steve, for knowing what I needed. I loved it!




Just entering the spa one could feel the sense of calmness and peace. It was my first experience floating, and it was wonderful! I walked in with having a migraine for two days, and walked out pain free and so relaxed. Steve was great from the beginning explanation the use of the floating experience. I had already viewed his recommended videos which were a big help also. I highly recommend this to everyone. Steve has a way of making every client feel welcomed and special. I have told many of my coworkers who are nurses to come and experience this peaceful state of being. I loved it. I can't wait to book again. Thanks so much Steve!




I went for my first float last week and it was everything all the other glowing reviews have said: relaxing, refreshing, restorative and amazing. Steve and his staff have thought of all the details to make the experience one to remember - and revisit! Often! Thanks to you-all for what you have brought to the Lowcountry.




So enjoyed my treatment at glowspa! Kelci's massage released knots in my shoulders that I had been holding for a long while. The float tank was a new experience for me ~ and I enjoyed it.


Ryan G


I just completed the "Drift" package and was exactly what I needed. First the steam, then float, then massage. A treat for sure but with each treatment, I got more relaxed and was able to receive the experience and benefits from the ongoing treatments. Highly recommend! Lastly, HIGH remarks for Kelci's massage - AMAZING! In the top 2-3 massage therapists, I've ever experienced. She has a great read and intuition of what your muscles need and want. I'll be back for sure!


Laura Wellman


Steve was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. It was my first time floating. I really liked how big the tank was. It was so relaxing and relieved a lot of the pain I have from Fibromyalgia. I slept so well last night too. It was a unique and awesome experience that's difficult to describe!




My husband and I decided to get massages while we was on vacation and thru out the years normally we are very sore the next morning after a massage. This is the first time that we both was so relaxed and was not sore the next day. The owner was great and very so nice to us. When we come back to Charleston we will be visiting glowspa again.


Ann G.


My daughter and I had our first glowspa experience yesterday, and we're going back today. We had never floated before and were a bit uncertain about that portion of our treatment, but the massages we received won us completely over. Both Kelci and Christie were remarkable. They were thoughtful and obviously highly skilled. My daughter and I are both signing on for memberships. We're hooked!


Taylor Harkness


The experience was wonderful. Steve and Kelci are so welcoming, so friendly and so inspirational. Thank you for a fantastic experience. I'll be back next week (and probably every month after!).


Michell Simmons


It was a very well spent hour. I felt all my pain and worries float away. Much needed time. Thank you for the opportunity.


Wendy Makinen


Awakened. Relaxed. Serene. That's how I felt after an incredible experience at glowspa. I tried out the steam and the float tank - which were both fantastic. Steaming opened me up and floating left me calm and centered - and rested after a long flight from California. The best part of my experience was the final treatment - a massage. Truly the best I've ever had. My massage therapist was intent on customizing the experience to meet my needs. I can't recommend this unique spa enough. The staff were great - taking the time to explain how to maximize my experience. And they had all of the little touches available - including fruit infused water to keep me hydrated. I'll be back every time I'm in South Carolina. I wish we had spas like this in northern California.




Having visited glowspa annually while attending the Family Circle, I was surprised to find out they were under new management. I booked anyway and was pleasantly surprised and very satisfied with the services they rendered. I talked extensively with the new owner and complimented him on the new digs and beautiful decor. The float tank in my "do next " and I will be making a trip back in the very near future to experience. I assure you the quality of service did not diminish due to the change of management.




Just wanted to let you know that my first experience with glowspa was fantastic, I would like to give a special thanks to Steve and his daughter Kelci for a wonderful and relaxing experience. I would recommend this experience to everyone. Thanks again Great Folks.


Nancy Kay


If you are looking to totally clear your mind of all thoughts and feel completely relaxed, try the float tank. I won 90 minutes in the float tank. I was sure that I couldn't relax for that long and would feel claustrophobic. I was so wrong! I stayed in the entire time and felt more relaxed then I ever have. I recommend this for everyone - we all need a break from thinking about all the stresses in our lives. Nice clean facility and a great concept.


Farrah Hoffmire


My 1st float experience was wonderful! As a meditation teacher who works with clients dealing with pain, depression, anxiety, and various other symptoms-- I look forward to sharing my experience with them as I know they could greatly benefit from adding floating to their therapeutic program. So happy you're here!


Yvonne Galarza


glowspa floating is one of the best experiences. I enjoyed a full spa day for my birthday!!! Float on glowspa.. see you soon.. Book a float!! God Bless


Alli Debrow


My AMAZING husband knew just what I needed for my birthday! A day to steam-float-massage at glowspa! It was the peace I was looking for, a day for me to float and just relax selfishly! Thank you glowspa for making my day so comfortable and relaxing. I WILL be a repeat customer!


Jennifer Eaves


I had my first float session and it was a great experience! The staff is very nice, considerate, and absolutely makes the experience even more relaxing. Consider me your newest loyal customer!


Jeff D.


Having been to glowspa a few times in the past, I was very impressed with the complete remodel and the new owners. If you liked glowspa prior to the new ownership, you will definitely like it now. The owners are very professional and caring individuals. I can't say enough positive things about the benefits of floating, and yesterday's experience was no exception. Besides the obvious benefits of detoxifying and healing pulled or strained muscles, time spent in the floatation tank is very calming and allows yourself to become more in touch with your true nature. Simply love it. Thank you Deb & Steve.

Vicki M


Wow - Amazing and loved every minute and can't wait to get more time in this beautiful salty water!! :-)


Jill L.


Did a salt float and managed to get my husband to try it out too. I am 7 months pregnant and it was GREAT! You can turn and float on your tummy and really stretch out, you feel like a new person. My husband was hesitant to try it but in the end he loved it. It clears your head and you come feeling so relaxed! A must try for any person - but especially if you are pregnant !




Floating is amazing! The feeling is so serene and relaxing. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do, but I LOVE it!


Bocki White


I floated for the first time today and it was really amazing!! The first thirty minutes, I was a little fidgety, and kept pushing myself around the tank, like in a pool. But, then, I got very comfortable and enjoyed the best nap of my life. I woke up feeling very rested and energized. I can't wait to do this again, and will recommend this to all of my friends!




I loved the massage and the float. Very relaxing day. Great experience, I will be back!


Tyanne Strait


I am a convenience store manager, on call at all times, and no vacation. We drove from Columbia to try this floating out. I have had trouble clearing my mind with meditation and I was amazed at how peaceful it was. No phones, no dogs, no cats, no chickens, no kids, no crises at the store. Just me and peaceful relaxation!!! and as a bonus, the Epsom salts seemed to detox more than I thought they would!! Would fiercely recommend this to anyone with a very hectic lifestyle!!!!




glowspa was fantastic. I did a 60 minute float and was completely relaxed for the rest of my day. I recommend it to anyone.


Camella Scott


I surprised my boyfriend with the 90 minute signature massage for the two of us. We received a great deal for Valentine's weekend as well as awesome customer service. All of our questions were answered with knowledgeable insight and a genuine concern, ensuring we were comfortable as first time customers. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep during my massage. Kelci and Dove are the best!


Charles Curry


Amazing very relaxing time- good value- cannot wait to go back




Floating is the most relaxing thing I have ever done, by far! It is incomparable and I wish everyone could try it!


Christopher Moore


My wife and I went here this evening. It was my first float and my wife got a massage. The float experience was phenomenal and the gentleman was very thorough and kind in explaining everything. I was particularly impressed by the inclusivity in that I am a larger man and am 6’4” with size 16 shoe and the robe, towel, and slippers fit me perfectly and I was able to comfortably fit in all of the facilities. 10/10 My wife stated her massage was good and she would like to return again when we are in town. We would gladly go back again and think it was well worth it!


John Mcfaddin


I would higly recommend. This is a very professional business. The owner is a very thoughtful fellow. Granted, services are few but that leaves room for focus and dare I say it, perfectionism. I have not been to any float tanks before but I can hardly imagine a better experience. Very professional as time is budgeted excellently between floaters. There is a high focus on privacy and I did not see any other customers but I knew there had to be due to scheduling being limited. There are only two tanks but that is enough to manage a relaxed flow of business. The owner focuses on ensuring a sensory deprived experience. Just enough interaction as needed but no so muchbas to burden the mind. A 'perfect' experience for beginners too!. He takes 'pride' in ensuring cleanliness, professionalism, a relaxed experience, and an almost 'invisible' flow of his own business so as you do not worry about being a burden on his system and can only enjoy the experience of a float tank. I had a gift certificate and I know his prices seem high but the last spa I went to charged a $2 towel rental... With the owner, everything is inclusive and he knows the experience of a float tank and thus knows how to optimize it! I would highly recommend!


Steve Johnson


Great experience trying out a float tank for the first time at Glowspa in Mount Pleasant. The owner took the time to make us feel comfortable by explaining the process and answering any questions we had. Very clean facilities and relaxing atmosphere!


Bandi Tomaschek


I love this place!! Treat yourself to a float and massage. Incredible!


Mary D.


Float tanks, massages, and steams - whether for relaxation or to have the 'kinks' worked out, Glowspa is the environment I enjoy and the staff is who I appreciate. 
As a monthly member, I look forward to treating myself while helping my mind and body. Because of health reasons/surgery it has been several months since my last visit. I am so excited to be to the point of making my next appointment. Kelci will help get my surgery scar and tissue soft again, but she also was able to help get me through the pain I was in prior to both of my hip replacements. She is great at using the pressure level you like or need and is thorough in asking what areas should receive extra attention. An added plus is the oils used during the massage doesn't leave my skin smell in weird the rest of the day.
The float tanks are amazing and can provide some of the best rest, relaxation, and naps a person could want. If you want a super treat, combine the float with a massage and you will be so relaxed as you 'float' out the door.
If you have any sinus problem or getting over a cold, try the steam with one of the mint oils to help give some relief to the inflamed nasal passages.


Madeline Marie Johnson


Steve and his daughter are very special humans and the larger size floatation rooms make the experience so much more comfortable and relaxing.


Donmell Outing


Loved everything about the floating experience. My first time going and I felt super comfortable. It helps that the staff make you feel like you’re in good hands. Floating was very relaxing and I would definitely suggest any and everyone try glowspa. Truly a wonderful experience.


Jessica Wills


I had my first Float experience yesterday and a prenatal massage with Kelci! The Float is definitely something to get used to it but I’m so glad I did as it helped relieve some of the pressure and weight I’ve been carrying around. My massage with Kelci was the best I’ve ever had! She made sure I was comfortable and really took the time to address my needs. I would recommend her to anyone especially pregnant mamas!


Julie Goodman Beatty


Super nice and helpful! Had a great float and overall great experience!!


Jessica Clever


My husband and I got the drift package for his birthday. Steam room, full body massage and a one hour float yesterday. It was phenomenal. It was our first time floating and we kept an open mind. My husband said he was able to truly relax his mind and body. I fell asleep a few times throughout and woke up still floating. The massage therapist was THE best massage I have ever had. I have received a lot of massages over the past 10 years. Thank you glowspa for such a relaxing day!!!

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