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Pick the club that fits you best and once per month we'll add a discounted service to your account so you can enjoy routine wellness! You can always do additional services each month at or below the your club level prices!

Club members can come in for additional visits during the month and they will pay the discounted rates listed below unless they have previously unused service credits on file.  Members can also share services with others by booking an appointment for them using credits on file.  If you want to bring a guest during your visit, they will enjoy their service at your club rate. Be sure to book their appointments in advance! Walk-ins not accepted.


  • There are NO FEES to join our club!

  • Only a 3 month commitment

  • Share services with others

  • 15% off any retail products

  • Free Birthday Float w/ active club payment that month

  • Free Services for consecutive months in club

  • Floats expire in 3 years, Body club 1 year

  • Friendly reminders if you fall behind



60 min

$ 49/mo

$25 Savings

90 min

$ 69/mo

$25 Savings

60 min

$ 79/mo

$15 Savings

90 min

$ 119/mo

$16 Savings

30 Min Steam
60 Min Float
60 Min Massage

$ 144/mo

$45 Savings



How does the club work and are there really no fees?

Decide which club fits you best and on the 3rd of every month we charge a card you have on file and you receive one service credit.  It will be on your account until you or a guest uses it. It is TRUE, there are NO ADDITIONAL FEES to be in our club!  Our goal is to provide discounts to club members who want to use our facilities regularly vs providing discounts to attract new customers.  We do a few key promotional events, but or focus is on quality, affordable, self wellness options.


Is there a contract?

While we don't require a contract, we will set you up on a monthly auto pay system. Any missed payments within the first 3 months of your commitment will be added to your profile and these charges will need to be paid before you can use the facilities again. The monthly auto renew will continue until you cancel or stop it.  

Do I have to come in every month?

While we encourage routine wellness, we have some club members that will stack a few months during the summer so they can continue to earn milestones and then use the prepaid services to make extra visits in the fall and winter months. 

When do the services expire?

Float Club floats expire 3 years from purchase date; Body Club services convert to float credits if not used within 1 year of purchase and will be valid for an additional 2 years.

Can I share these services?

YES!  You can share anytime with a friend or family member.

Can I change service credits already purchased or get a refund?

No, credits purchased for Float or Body Clubs can used between clubs, they are considered single service purchases and must be used in the club they were purchased in. Example: you can not use multiple float credits for massages or spa day packages.  We will not issue returns once club fees are collected.  However you can donate or gift unwanted or unused service credits to friends, family or back to the spa where we will donate them on your behalf to first responders and veterans.

How do I pause or cancel ?

After your 3 month commitment is met, you can pause or cancel your club membership no questions asked.  We do ask that you contact us via email or at the desk directly.  We also require 48 hour notice to pause or cancel.  Please do not leave us voicemails to cancel as we require written or in person requests to pause or cancel!


Club member pricing for self or gift cards.

  • Vitality Booth Session = $25

  • Vitality Booth w/guest Session = $35

  • Additional 60 Min Floats = $49

  • Additional 90 Min Floats = $69

  • Additional 120 Min Floats = $89

  • 60 Min Body Polish = $69

  • 45 Min Calm Mind Massage = $55

  • 60 Min Sig/Pre Natal Massage = $69 or 27% off

  • 90 Min Sig/Pre Natal Massage = $109 or 19% off

  • 90 Min Poultice Massage = $129

Milestone Awards given for consecutive months paid

  • ​  6 Mo. = FREE 60 min float or 3 Vitality Booth Sessions

  • 12 Mo. = FREE 60 min signature massage

  • 18 Mo. = FREE 90 min float or 2 - 60 min floats

  • 24 Mo. = FREE 90 min signature massage or 6 Vitality Booth sessions

  • 30 Mo. = FREE 90 min poultice massage

  • 36 Mo. = FREE series of 3 - 60 min floats

  • 42 Mo. = FREE drift spa day package

  • 48 Mo. = FREE indulge spa day package

  • 54 Mo. = FREE surrender spa day package

  • 60 Mo. = FREE series of 6 - 60 min floats

  • 66 Mo. = 2 FREE drift spa day packages

  • 72 Mo. = FREE 1yr membership *restrictions apply

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