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Is to focus on improving your physical and mental well-being by providing unique and affordable services, delivered by a professional and caring staff to ensure that you leave feeling relaxed and comfortable.



Floating in a flotation tank, also known as float therapy, is the one of the most effective means of stress relief and relaxation you can ever experience.  You will strip down to your birthday suit and enter an enclosed in a large bathtub-like structure filled with 10 inches of water, kept at ~93.5 degrees with ~1,100 pounds of Epsom salt. Air flows into the room and there are no latches or anything that will prevent you from getting out at anytime.  Once you lay down your body will float effortlessly in the water, we promise no extra effort is required!



We have 2 float rooms (or cabins) They are 8'x8'x4' very spacious and plenty of room to stretch out.

You are in complete control of the experience the entire time.  The door is necessary to keep the temperature comfortable, you control the light and if you are not ready to float in the dark leave it on.

We typically run with 10.5" of water and 1100lbs of Epsom Salt.  The tank temps are regulated to be as close to skin temperature as possible (we cannot adjust the temperature up or down between floats) It is also not recommended to float with your head in water temps above 95 degrees.  Floating is a subjective experience and no two floats will be exactly the same. However the results are typically very consistent.


All Floats Must Be Pre Purchased or Secured W/GIFT CARD to Reserve A Tank

We prefer that everyone use our BOOK A FLOAT LINK to book your float appointments.  You can reserve both tanks if you are bringing a guest, just put their name and phone number in the notes and if its a surprise tell us!  By booking online it gives you access to our WAITLIST in case the times are booked that you want.  It also allows you to cancel yourself or rebook  your appointment if plans change.  We have a 6 hr cancellation window  (if appointments are cancelled inside 6 hrs you have an option to pay a late cancellation fee $30 and keep your floats.)

If you can't get the online booking tool to work for you, you can still create a profile and purchase your floats and call us to find a spot that works for you.  However please realize without purchased floats on your profile we will not HOLD Float tanks for you.  Everyone must prepay or have a valid Gift Card to reserve a tank.



The patent-pending scientific wellness program incorporated into every Vitality Booth session combines a variety of wellness and fitness practices into a single 20-minute experience.


side view lady in blue light.jpg

Absolutely loved my first float! Can’t wait to come back soon! What a great experience. Thank you!

Charles Curry
Amazing very relaxing time- good value- cannot wait to go back

Floating is the most relaxing thing I have ever done, by far! It is incomparable and I wish everyone could try it!

l loved floating! Everyone so friendly and nice. Very clean! Thank you for a great experience.

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